Browser/javascript like console class for PHP

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Browser/javascript like console class for PHP


  • PHP port of the javascript web console api
  • multiple simultaneous output options
    • ChromeLogger
    • FirePHP (no FirePHP dependency!)
    • HTML
    • Plain text / file
    • <script>
    • WebSocket (WAMP)
    • "plugin"
  • PSR-3 (Logger) Implementation
  • PSR-15 (Middleware) Implementation
  • custom error handler
    • errors (even fatal) are captured / logged / displayed
    • send error notices via email (throttled as to not to send out a flood of emails)
  • password protected
  • send debug log via email

Screenshot of PHPDebugConsole's Output


This library requires PHP 5.4 (function array dereferencing, closure $this support) or later and has no userland dependencies.

It is installable and autoloadable via Composer as bdk/debug.

    "require": {
        "bdk/debug": "~3.0",

Alternatively, download a release or clone this repository, then require src/Debug/Debug.php

See for more information



PSR-3 Usage

PHPDebugConsole includes a PSR-3 implementation (which can be used as a monolog PSR handler). If you're using a application or library that uses these standards, drop PHPDebugConsole right in.

(this library includes neither psr/log or monolog/monolog. Include separately if needed.)


// instantiate PHPDebugLogger / get instance
$debug = \bdk\Debug::getInstance();
$psr3logger = $debug->logger;
$psr3logger->emergency('fallen and can\'t get up');


$monolog = new \Monolog\Logger('myApplication');
$monolog->pushHandler(new \bdk\Debug\Collector\MonologHandler($debug));
$monolog->critical('all your base are belong to them');


  • log
  • info
  • warn
  • error
  • assert
  • clear
  • count
  • countReset
  • group
  • groupCollapsed
  • groupEnd
  • profile
  • profileEnd
  • table
  • time
  • timeEnd
  • timeLog
  • trace
  • more

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