Easy work with virtual wallet.

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Laravel Wallet

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laravel-wallet - Easy work with virtual wallet.

  • Vendor: bavix
  • Package: laravel-wallet
  • Version: Latest Stable Version
  • PHP Version: 7.1+
  • Laravel Version: 5.5, 5.6, 5.7
  • Composer: composer require bavix/laravel-wallet

Run Migrations

Publish the migrations with this artisan command:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-wallet-migrations


You can publish the config file with this artisan command:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-wallet-config


Add the HasWallet trait and Wallet interface to model.

use Bavix\Wallet\Traits\HasWallet;
use Bavix\Wallet\Interfaces\Wallet;

class User extends Model implements Wallet
    use HasWallet;

Now we make transactions.

$user = User::first();
$user->balance; // int(0)

$user->balance; // int(10)

$user->balance; // int(9)

$user->forceWithdraw(200, ['description' => 'payment of taxes']);
$user->balance; // int(-191)


Add the CanBePaid trait and Customer interface to your User model.

use Bavix\Wallet\Traits\CanBePaid;
use Bavix\Wallet\Interfaces\Customer;

class User extends Model implements Customer
    use CanBePaid;

Add the HasWallet trait and Product interface to Item model.

use Bavix\Wallet\Traits\HasWallet;
use Bavix\Wallet\Interfaces\Product;

class Item extends Model implements Product
    use HasWallet;

    public function canBuy(Customer $customer, bool $force = false): bool
         * If the service can be purchased once, then
         *  return !$customer->paid($this);
        return true; 
    public function getAmountProduct(): int
        return 100;

    public function getMetaProduct(): ?array
        return [
            'title' => $this->title, 
            'description' => 'Purchase of Product #' . $this->id, 
            'price' => $this->getAmountProduct(),

Proceed to purchase.

$user = User::first();
$user->balance; // int(100)

$item = Item::first();
$user->pay($item); // If you do not have enough money, throw an exception
var_dump($user->balance); // int(0)

if ($user->safePay($item)) {
  // try to buy again )

var_dump((bool)$user->paid($item)); // bool(true)

var_dump($user->refund($item)); // bool(true)
var_dump((bool)$user->paid($item)); // bool(false)

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