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Tools for content rendering.

v1.0.0 2019-08-22 17:57 UTC


Tools for automatic work with markdown.

Latte filter

Basic use in Latte template:


That will generated <div> automatically with the content:

<div class="markdown">
    Final content...

To easily style content within a particular project, the <div> is automatically marked as a markdown class.

Filter |noescape is not required, escaping and security is started automatically by inner logic.

Renderer as a service

In case of using Markdown renderer in an inner model or an application logic, you should inject the service by DIC.

Default renderer is CommonMarkRenderer (package league/commonmark).

To override renderer please change definition of markdown.renderer service in project common.neon, or use some of these:

  • NoRenderer (return unchanged input),
  • SimpleRenderer (escape by htmlspecialchars function only).