An extremely simple & flexible CMS generated from flat files

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An extremely simple & flexible CMS generated from flat files with a complete API


Parvula with the default galaxy theme


  • PHP 5.6+
  • Composer
  • URL Rewriting (recommended)

Installation with Composer

Parvula can be install with this single line :

composer create-project bafs/parvula cms

where cms is the destination folder. Please check the docs if you need more details.

Quick start

Please read the documentation for more information

Edit pages

All pages are located in data/pages/. You can also create sub directories to better organize your pages.

The basic configuration file is data/config/site.yml. There are 2 bundled themes by default: "simple" and "galaxy".


  • Pages must have a title to be listed (in the menu)
  • Pages beginning with _ are hidden pages, not listed but accessible
  • You can order pages with the index field
  • Each page can have multiple sections


Parvula administration

Administration plugin

You can edit pages online at (admin url can be edited in plugins/Admin/config.php).

Don't forget to chmod 755 data/pages and change the default password in data/users/users.php !