The API & platform builder, build your apps 10x faster even more, it's open source & 100% free !


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The API & platform builder, build your apps 10x faster, even more.

It's open source & 100% free !

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Why badaso ?

  • 100% FREE - No need for extra thinking about finance to adopt badaso
  • Modern PWA Dashboard - Fast and SPA based on Vue.js with PWA technology
  • Native installation - Lazy to open the browser? Install badaso on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android & iOS
  • Working offline - No more f*cked with a bad internet connection, badaso can running offline
  • Headless - Badaso use JWT authentication & authorization as default
  • Seamless integration - Badaso use Rest API & GraphQL, no need to develop API for your mobile & IoT
  • Modern design - Keep your system design amazing and up to date
  • Secure - Build based on laravel make it secure as laravel
  • Modular - Install custom library in seconds like your other laravel projects
  • Scalable - Like your other laravel projects
  • Easy maintenance - Like your other laravel projects
  • Long time support - Great choice for your long-term project, maintain by uasoft

Badaso features

  • Advanced CRUD generator - Build your application faster and be more productive
  • API generator - Integrate your application (mobile, desktop, even IoT) through Rest API & GraphQL
  • User management - Manage your application user
  • Role management - Your application user can have a different role
  • Permission management - Each role has different access permission
  • Menu management - Manage your application menu so easy and faster
  • Database management - Handle your database migration via application
  • Activity logging - Keep your system safe, know who makes the trouble
  • Log UI viewer - No need to open your server to check the log, just stay focused on your application
  • Daily database backup - Keep your valuable database safety
  • Media manager - Manage your local & cloud media via application
  • Many more!

Live demo

Click here for live demo (some error may happen because random test by a lot of random people)

The live demo will reset every 1 hour

Getting started (installation, how to use & more)

You can see official badaso documentation.

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