JSON Web Token Authentication for Laravel and Lumen

2.1.0 2023-02-17 11:42 UTC




This repository is a fork from original tymonsdesigns/jwt-auth, we decided to fork and work independent because the original one was not being updated for long time and keep doing support for the application.

Migrating from tymondesigns/jwt-auth

This uses different namespace, then tymondesigns/jwt-auth, but overall, provides the same API, that makes migration to this repository pretty easy:

  1. Run composer remove tymon/jwt-auth

    Info An error will appear because the package is still in use, ignore it.

  2. Replace all the occurrences of Tymon\JWTAuth with PHPOpenSourceSaver\JWTAuth.

    Tip: You can use Find and Replace feature of your IDE. Try it with Ctrl + Shift + R

  3. Run composer require php-open-source-saver/jwt-auth


Due to new features, added in our library, there are some incompatibilities. This won't hurt you in most cases, unless you have implicitly disabled autodiscovery for original Tymon's package.

Current compatability breaks:


Full documentation is available at laravel-jwt-auth.readthedocs.io


If you want to disclose a security related issue, please follow our security policy


The MIT License (MIT)