The Axstrad PHP Library develpoment bundle

dev-master 2014-12-31 22:50 UTC


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A collection of small components and bundles I find useful.

Axstrad \ Axstrad



  • Content
  • DoctrineOrm
  • Filesystem
  • OptionsResolver
  • Test

Doctrine Extensions

  • Activatable

Symfony Bundles

  • DoctrineExtensionsBundle : integrates Axstrad\DoctrineExtensions into a Symfony 2 application.
  • ExtraFrameworkBundle : general purpose extensions and helps for a Symfony 2 application.
  • PageBundle : Simple bundle to provide web pages with ease, although not very flexable.
  • TestBundle : Test code used to test the other bundles
  • WebFrameworkBundle : Provides twig extensions and frontend assets for web applicatons.