Slim PHP Micro-Framework skeleton

5.0.1 2020-01-05 18:00 UTC


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This is an app skeleton for the Slim PHP Micro-Framework to get started quickly


For more information, check out the project's wiki.


Create the project using Composer

$ composer create-project awurth/slim-base [project-name]

Setup environment variables

Copy .env to a .env.local file and change the values to your needs. This file is ignored by Git so all developers working on the project can have their own configuration.

Download client-side libraries

$ yarn

or if you prefer to use npm

$ npm install


This skeleton uses Webpack to manage assets. The CSS and Javascript files are located in assets/, so you have to use Webpack after creating your project to generate the minified files in public/, which will be ignored by Git.

Generate assets

If you just want to generate the default CSS and JS that comes with this skeleton, run the following command

$ yarn build


$ npm run build

If you want to run a watcher and begin coding

$ yarn watch

Setup cache files permissions

The skeleton uses a cache system for Twig templates and the Monolog library for logging, so you have to make sure that PHP has write permissions on the var/cache/ and var/log/ directories.

Update your database schema

First, create a database with the name you set in the .env* file. Then you can create the tables by running this command:

$ php bin/console db