API centric, multi-tenant, and modular Audience Management System

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AudienceHero is a modular, API-Centric, and multi-tenant community Management System for the independent creators. It aims to be the all-in-one toolkit for anybody needing to sustainably grow an audience.

The project is organized around a core, with extensions providing several different features.

  • AcquisitionFreeDownloadBundle: Exchange media against fans email addresses.
  • ActivityBundle: Log events, and aggregate stats.
  • ContactBundle: Contact Management.
  • ContactImportCsvBundle: Import contacts details from a CSV file.
  • CoreBundle: AudienceHero's core.
  • FileBundle: Media management.
  • ImageServerBundle: Image server.
  • MailingCampaign: Send mass mailing to contacts.
  • PodcastBundle: Podcast channels and episodes management.
  • PromoBundle: Send unreleased media to people, and gather feedback.
  • SitemapBundle: Generate sitemaps.


AudienceHero is alpha software. Things can be broken, and might change.


  1. composer install
  2. yarn
  3. ./bin/console audiencehero:generate:configuration
  4. NODE_ENV=development yarn run encore dev


  1. docker-compose up

At this point, you have all the necessary files to run the projet. You will still need to configure your virtualhost.


Documentation is available in the docs directory, and on the official website:


Contributions are welcome. There is plenty of ways to make this project better, and code is only a small part of then. You can contribute by:

  • writing documentation
  • fixing typos
  • tweaking the design
  • tweaking the UX
  • contributing to the core
  • writing extensions
  • sponsoring the development

Before engaging in a large contribution, be sure to communicate with the project team before.

The project is subject to a Contributor Code Of Conduct.


AudienceHero has been created by Marc Weistroff.


AudienceHero is an Open Source software, released under the MIT License.