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📝 Html2Text


Convert HTML to formatted plain text, e.g. for text mails.


The recommended installation way is through Composer.

$ composer require voku/html2text

Basic Usage

$html = new \voku\Html2Text\Html2Text('Hello, &quot;<b>world</b>&quot;');

echo $html->getText();  // Hello, "WORLD"

Extended Usage

Each element (h1, li, div, etc) can have the following options:

  • 'case' => convert case (Html2Text::OPTION_NONE, Html2Text::OPTION_UPPERCASE, Html2Text::OPTION_LOWERCASE , Html2Text::OPTION_UCFIRST, Html2Text::OPTION_TITLE)
  • 'prepend' => prepend a string
  • 'append' => append a string

For example:

$html = '<h1>Should have "AAA" changed to BBB</h1><ul><li>• Custom bullet should be removed</li></ul><img alt="The Linux Tux" src="tux.png" />';
$expected = 'SHOULD HAVE "BBB" CHANGED TO BBB' . "\n\n" . '- Custom bullet should be removed |' . "\n\n" . '[IMAGE]: "The Linux Tux"';

$html2text = new Html2Text(
        'width'    => 0,
        'elements' => array(
            'h1' => array(
              'case' => Html2Text::OPTION_UPPERCASE, 
              'replace' => array('AAA', 'BBB')),
            'li' => array(
              'case' => Html2Text::OPTION_NONE, 
              'replace' => array('•', ''), 
              'prepend' => "- ",
              'append' => " |",

$html2text->setPrefixForImages('[IMAGE]: ');
$html2text->setPrefixForLinks('[LINKS]: ');
$html2text->getText(); // === $expected

Live Demo


This library started life on the blog of Jon Abernathy http://www.chuggnutt.com/html2text

A number of projects picked up the library and started using it - among those was RoundCube mail. They made a number of updates to it over time to suit their webmail client.

Now this is a extend fork of the original Html2Text.


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  • Thanks to GitHub (Microsoft) for hosting the code and a good infrastructure including Issues-Managment, etc.
  • Thanks to IntelliJ as they make the best IDEs for PHP and they gave me an open source license for PhpStorm!
  • Thanks to Travis CI for being the most awesome, easiest continous integration tool out there!
  • Thanks to StyleCI for the simple but powerfull code style check.
  • Thanks to PHPStan && Psalm for relly great Static analysis tools and for discover bugs in the code!