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Arnapou GW2 tools



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v2.0 2019-02-27 16:11 UTC

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Last update: 2023-02-04 10:47:53 UTC


This project is a site which use at low level code the "GW2 api client" I wrote.

It allow you to see stuff about your Guildwars 2 account :

  • characters
  • equipments
  • bank
  • wallet
  • ...

I have not the time to make a tutorial to explain you how to host yourself this project.


In January 2019, I had a problem in game and I contacted the support, they were so bad and stupid that they worsened the ticket.

I gave up once and for all with the Guildwars licence after more than 13 years of time spent in this amazing world.

Note that I always love the lore and the design of the world, but I won't spend time and gave money anymore to the editor.

I killed the website I hosted for several years, you are free to host yourself an instance.

It was a rare open source tool for Guildwars on the community but I had no contribution for 4 years so I guess the repository is dead forever.