arnapou member since: Feb 25, 2019

arnapou's packages

  • arnapou/appcfg

    Library - Application config system.

  • arnapou/chinese-checkers

    Project - Chinese checkers console game with a simple IA.

  • arnapou/dto

    Library - Simple library to create objects from arrays and vice-versa.

  • arnapou/encoder

    Library - Basic encoders with a common interface.

  • arnapou/ensure

    Library - Simple library to make safer php code for SA tools.

  • arnapou/image-cropper

    Project - Local image tools for cropping

  • JavaScript


    Library - Simple cron class bound to the JS lib that come with it.

  • arnapou/json-parser

    Library - JSON stream parser and writer, modern, easy to use, without dependencies.

  • arnapou/kinders

    Project - Kinders collection website

  • arnapou/lock

    Library - Simple lock interface and adapters.

  • arnapou/owmclient

    Library - OpenWeatherMap Api client.

  • PHP


    Library - Flat file storage with query features.

  • arnapou/pixelsvg

    Library - Simple library to convert pixelated images to svg.

  • arnapou/psr

    Library - KISS PSR classes.

  • arnapou/simplesite

    Project - Simple site system delivered as a standalone phar file.