Symfony Datagrid Bundle

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APYDataGrid Bundle

This Symfony Bundle allows you to create wonderful grid based on data or entities of your projet.

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This bundle allow you to create listing with many features that you can expect :

  • Various data sources : supports Entity (ORM), Document (ODM) and Vector (Array) sources
  • Data manipulation : Sortable and Filterable with many operators
  • Auto-typing columns (Text, Number, Boolean, Array, DateTime, Date, ...)
  • Locale support for columns and data (DateTime, Date and Number columns)
  • Input, Select, checkbox and radio button filters filled with the data of the grid or an array of values
  • Export (CSV, Excel, PDF, XML, JSON, HTML, ...)
  • Mass actions, Row actions
  • Supports mapped fields with Entity source
  • Securing the columns, actions and export with security roles
  • Annotations and PHP configuration
  • External filters box
  • Ajax loading
  • Pagination (You can also use Pagerfanta)
  • Grid manager for multi-grid on the same page
  • Groups configuration for ORM and ODM sources
  • Easy templates overriding (Twig)
  • Custom columns and filters creation
  • and many more

Installation, documentation

See the summary.


Full example with this CSS style file:


Simple example with the external filter box in english:


Same example in french:


Example of a simple grid with an ORM source

namespace MyProject\MyBundle\Controller;

use APY\DataGridBundle\Grid\Source\Entity;

class DefaultController extends Controller
	public function myGridAction()
		// Creates a simple grid based on your entity (ORM)
		$source = new Entity('MyProjectMyBundle:MyEntity');

		// Get a Grid instance
		$grid = $this->get('grid');

		// Attach the source to the grid

		// Return the response of the grid to the template
		return $grid->getGridResponse('MyProjectMyBundle::myGrid.html.twig');

Simple configuration of the grid in the entity

namespace MyProject\MyBundle\Entity

use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping as ORM;
use APY\DataGridBundle\Grid\Mapping as GRID;

 * @GRID\Source(columns="id, my_datetime")
class MyEntity
	 * @ORM\Column(type="integer")
	protected $id;

	 * @ORM\Column(type="datetime")
	protected $my_datetime;

Display the grid in a twig template

<!-- MyProject\MyBundle\Resources\views\myGrid.html.twig -->

{{ grid(grid) }}

And clear your cache.

Bundle history

Datagrid for Symfony inspired by Zfdatagrid and Magento Grid.
This bundle was initiated by Stanislav Turza (Sorien).