Useful information in the reports module : xclass, ajax, cliKeys, eID, general status of the system (encoding, DB, php vars...), hooks, compare local and TER extension (diff), used content type, used plugins, ExtDirect... It can really help you during migration or new existing project (to have a glo

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Display some useful information in the reports module.

❓ What does it do?

Display some useful information in the reports module, like :

  • list of eID
  • list of CommandController and Symfony Commands
  • list of all the contents and plugins on the instance (used or not) with filters
  • list of xclass declared
  • list of hooks declared
  • lot of information about the website : TYPO3, System Environment Variables, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Crontab, encoding...
  • list of log errors group by number of occurrences (sorting by last time seen or number)
  • list of all websites declared with information : domain, sys_template, number of pages...
  • list of extensions with information : number of tables, last version date, visual comparison between current and TER extension to see what could be hard coded
  • list of all the Middlewares (PSR-15) for frontend and backend

All this tools can really help you during migration or new existing project (to have a global reports of the system). Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any good ideas.

⏳ Installation

Download and install as TYPO3 extension.

Maybe a "clear cache" is needed, then go to the reports module.

💻 Features



Plugins and CTypes



Global status

Grouped logs

List of websites and domains


Text diff with TER and last version

EventDispatcher (PSR-14)

Middlewares (PSR-15)