The application for making home collection anime

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Anime DB

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Anime DB

This is the application for making your home collection anime
The application is for home use only
As of PHP 5.4.0


The official source code for this application can be retrieved from


Recommend that you read the user guide.


Clone this repository to fetch the latest version of this application

git clone git:// && cd anime-db

Start by downloading Composer. If you have curl installed, it's as easy as:

curl -s | php

Installation of dependencies using Composer

php composer.phar install

Note: After install the application you can uninstall Composer and use this command for update the application if you need:

php bin/composer update

Note: For Windows you can download PHP archive from You need extract the archive to folder bin/php for a quick start. Then you can install from the Composer, the following command:

bin/php/php.exe composer.phar install --no-dev --prefer-dist

Note: Do not forget list of extensions specified in the depending section of this document

Quick start

From Windows

Note: The default is expected that PHP is installed on directory bin/php. If you put the PHP is installed on your computer, you need edit config file to specify the path to PHP. Open file config.ini and set real path to PHP.


To run the application, call programm


From Linux

To run the application, call the script

./AnimeDB start

To stop the application, call the script

./AnimeDB stop

To restart the application, call the script

./AnimeDB restart

Open application

After starting the application, open the browser http://localhost:56780/

If you want to access an application on your local network, you need open on another computer the browser with address http://IP_ADDRES:56780/, where IP_ADDRES is the IP address of the computer on which the application is running

Install as service

Note: Work only in Linux

To start the application as a service, you need edit startup-file of the application to specify the path to it

vim AnimeDB

Set real path to application


Create a symbolic link on service

ln -s /path/to/anime-db/AnimeDB /etc/init.d/AnimeDB

Run service

service AnimeDB start

For the application is launched after the computer start, run the command

update-rc.d AnimeDB defaults


SQLite >= 3
PHP version >= 5.4.x
PHP extensions:

  • pdo_sqlite