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1.1.0 2024-06-13 15:37 UTC

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This Extension will help you to update your Menu's and other Partials faster if they are rendered the Same over all your Pages.

It uses the SSI technique to include Partials without rendering at that moment.
It Caches the files inside typo3temp/tx_ssiinclude/ so it will reused the same partial for every request.
The Partials will be different for the site Configuration and the sys_langauge and the name you will give the Partial.


  • TYPO3 >=10
  • SSI enabled on Server
  • SSI errors disabled (otherwise there will be an error in your Backend)


composer req andersundsehr/ssi-include

enable SSI in webserver

You need to enable SSI on your Webserver:

Tested only with nginx. Should work with apache,

in your fastcgi part of your config:

location ~ \.php$ {
  # add next 2 lines:
  ssi on; #this must be on
  ssi_silent_errors on; #this should be on

  fastcgi_split_path_info ^(.+\.php)(/.+)$;
  fastcgi_pass php;
  include fastcgi_params;
  fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME $request_filename;
  fastcgi_read_timeout 600;

If you use staticfilecache, you should use it ♥️
you need to add the ssi config in there as well:


location @sfc {
  # add next 2 lines:
  ssi on; #this must be on
  ssi_silent_errors on; #this should be on

  charset utf-8;
  default_type text/html;
  try_files /typo3temp/tx_staticfilecache/https_${host}_443${uri}/index /typo3temp/tx_staticfilecache/${scheme}_${host}_${server_port}${uri}/index =405;


And now the fun part. You can replace any partial rendering with the ViewHelper s:renderInclude.
That Partial will only be rendered once every 5 minutes for the complete Site (Site Configuration Site (not Page)).
The only differentiation will be done by site config, language and the provided name.
Optionally, you can add cacheLifeTime to define the lifetime of the partial in seconds. If you include want to render the same partial with diffrent arguments it will still be the same content if you have the same name.


<html xmlns:f=""

<f:section name="Main">
  <div class="something something">
    <f:render partial="Menus/MainMenu" arguments="{_all}"/>


<html xmlns:f=""

<f:section name="Main">
  <div class="something something">
    <s:renderInclude name="mainMenu" cacheLifeTime="900" partial="Menus/MainMenu" arguments="{_all}"/>

with ♥️ from anders und sehr GmbH

If something did not work 😮
or you appreciate this Extension 🥰 let us know.

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