This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

IMM is a cross-plateform CLI-tool to manage your Workshop mods for Binding of Isaac

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IMM is a cross-plateform CLI-tool to manage your Workshop mods for Binding of Isaac.

What it does is manually install the mods in the resources/ folder of the game, allowing you to play without achievements being disabled. This allows you to always have your mods up to date and with your latest subscriptions without having to copy and overwrite files by hand every time.

This does not affect your Workshop mods in any way



IMM requires a terminal and PHP 7+ in order to work. To check if you have PHP, open your terminal of choice (Powershell per example on Windows or Terminal elsewhere) and run php --version. If nothing is returned or a version inferior to 7 is returned you'll need to install it, otherwise you're good. To install PHP:

  • If you're on Mac you're good
  • On Linux use your package manager of choice (aptitude, yum, etc.).
  • On Windows you can install it through Chocolatey via choco install php.

Through Composer

Stable version

IMM can be installed through Composer (this requires the OpenSSL extension[1]):

$ composer global require anahkiasen/isaac-mod-manager

Development version

You can also install the beta version like this:

$ composer global require "anahkiasen/isaac-mod-manager:1.0.x@dev"

To switch back to the stable version, simply run the "Stable version" install command right above.

Via the PHAR archive

Alternatively you can use the PHAR archive, which you can download in the Releases page.

Once downloaded, go in your terminal to where the file was downloaded, and you use it as such (per example):

$ php imm.phar mods:install


You can run imm to see a list of possible commands and their description.

  • To install your mods simply run imm mods:install, and to uninstall them but keep Isaac unpacked run imm mods:uninstall.
  • You can install or uninstall one or more specific mods by specifiying their Steam ID: imm mods:install 123456789 123456789.
  • You can also find mods by using a part of their name (case insensitive) imm mods:install chud mei 123456789
  • Finally you can restore your copy of Isaac to its packed (non-modded) state by running imm restore.


To compress the app into a imm.phar archive run:

$ composer build


To run the test suite, run the following:

$ composer test


You can find the currently planned features in the Milestones page.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

[1]: You can install it by uncommenting the first line containing openssl in C:/tools/php71/php.ini