A CMS for BZFlag leagues offered as a replacement for the bz-owl project


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BZiON is a modern league management system (LMS) written for BZFlag leagues to manage players, teams, matches, and tournaments.

Project Maintainers

These individuals are charged with maintaining and leading the project.


These individuals have made multiple significant contributions to the project on a sustained basis; they become actively involved with improving and adding new features to the project.

Special Thanks to

These individuals have assisted significantly with guiding the project in its current direction and have contributed several suggestions to continuously improve the project.


The installation process is documented on the BZiON wiki and the requirements for installation are documented as well. If you're having issues during your installation, common issues are also documented on the wiki as well.

As with any system, you are recommended to take regular backups of your database.


GNU General Public License 3.0