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This tool aims at helping you to migrate your PIM 1.7 standard edition (either Community or Enterprise) to the new version 2.0. All your data will be migrated seamlessly. Your source PIM won't be updated nor touched. Instead, we'll perform the migration in a brand new PIM 2.0. Several reasons led us to this choice:

  • the System Requirements have changed between Akeneo PIM 1.7 and 2.0
  • with variant groups and inner variation (a paid extension for the Enterprise Edition) there are a lot of different and complex use cases to migrate products data
  • the need to migrate real production data without worrying about a failure, a problem or an incomplete migration

The 1.7 source PIM you will migrate from can be either installed locally or remotely.

The 2.0 destination PIM you will migrate to should be installed locally running on the port 80, you can install it following these instructions. The minimum version of the destination PIM is 2.0.3.

Both PIM should be functionnal and have a functionnal API with admin rights.

Before proceeding, we strongly encourage you to read our documentation and our functional and technical blog posts about the version 2.0:


This tool has a dedicated release cycle and we're regularly releasing improvements in new versions.

We count on your feedback to continue to improve it in attempt to cover all your migration needs, don't hesitate to open issues describing your cases.

Data Migration

Edition Model Version
Community Association type 1.0.0
Community Attribute 1.0.0
Community Attribute Group 1.0.0
Community Categories 1.0.0
Community Family 1.0.0
Community Group type 1.0.0
Community Group 1.0.0
Community Reference Data 1.0.0
Community Product 1.0.0
Community User 1.0.0
Community User Roles 1.0.0
Community User Groups 1.0.0
Community Access Control List 1.0.0
Community Variant Group 1.0.0
Community Product History Not supported
Community Image files See this section
Enterprise Product Asset 1.0.0
Enterprise Asset files See this section
Enterprise Product Asset Categories 1.0.0
Enterprise Product Rules 1.0.0
Enterprise Product Draft Not supported
Enterprise Published Product Not supported
Enterprise Teamwork Assistant Not supported


Extension Version
ElasticSearchBundle Not relevant as ElasticSearch is now part of the native stack
InnerVariationBundle 1.0.0
CustomEntityBundle Not supported

Custom Code

For now, the custom code migration is not automated.

Our plan is to enrich Transporteo with a step by step assistant to help you updating your custom code.

Image and asset files

If your images and assets are configured on a remote file system, you just have to configure you 2.0 PIM to access them. If your images and assets are configured to be stored locally, you have to copy them manually into the 2.0 PIM.


  $ composer.phar create-project "akeneo/transporteo":"dev-master"

How to use

To launch the tool, run:

  $ php Transporteo.php akeneo-pim:migrate

then, let yourself be guided ;)

At the end of the tool's job, you will have your database setup with your data but we do not migrate your custom code. You will have to migrate it following this upgrade file.

We plan to automate this part in future release, stay tuned! :)


Support & contribution

Be aware that this tool is only supported in best effort by our team. If you find an issue or want to ask for an improvement, do not hesitate to open a Github issue on this repository.

All contributions are of course very welcomed! So do not hesitate to help us build an even better migration tool. We'd love that. You can have a look to the Contributing page.