A Symfony Media manager bundle for EasyAdmin


Adeliom Quality gate

Easy Media Bundle

A VueJS media-manager for Easyadmin.


  • Image editor
  • Multi
    • Upload
    • Move
    • Delete
  • Upload by either
    • Using the upload panel
    • Drag&Drop anywhere
    • Click&Hold on an empty area "items container"
    • From a url "images only"
    • From a url rich embed element like Youtube video
  • Preview files before uploading
  • Toggle between random/original names for uploaded files
  • Bulk selection
  • Bookmark visited directories for quicker navigation
  • Change item/s visibility
  • Update the page url on navigation
  • Show audio files info "artist, album, year, etc.."
  • Dynamically hide files / folders
  • Restrict access to path
  • Download selected "including bulk selection"
  • Directly copy selected file link
  • Use the manager
    • from modal
    • with any wysiwyg editor
  • Auto scroll to selected item using "left, up, right, down, home, end"
  • Lock/Unlock item/s.
  • Filter by
    • Folder
    • Image
    • Audio
    • Oembed
    • Video
    • text/pdf
    • application/archive
    • Locked items
    • Selected items
  • Sort by
    • Name
    • Size
    • Last modified
  • Items count for
    • All
    • Selected
    • Search found
  • File name sanitization for
    • Upload
    • Rename
    • New folder
  • Disable/Enable buttons depend on the usage to avoid noise & keep the user focused
  • Shortcuts / Gestures
    • If no more rows available, pressing down will go to the last item in the list "same as native file manager".
    • When viewing a audio/video file in the preview card, pressing space will play/pause the item instead of closing the modal.
    • Double click/tap
      • any file of type audio/video/oembed will open it in the preview card "same as images".
      • any file of type application/archive will download it.
    • All the left/right gestures have their counterparts available as well.
    • Pressing esc while using the image editor wont close the modal but you can dbl click/tap the modal background to do so. "to avoid accidentally canceling your changes".

To stop interfering with other keydown events you can toggle the manager listener through'disable-global-keys', true/false).


Install with composer

composer require agence-adeliom/easy-media-bundle

Without Symfony Flex

# config/packages/easy_media.yaml

        - '@EasyMedia/form/easy-media.html.twig'

            easy_media_type: Adeliom\EasyMediaBundle\Types\EasyMediaType

    media_entity: App\Entity\EasyMedia\Media
    folder_entity: App\Entity\EasyMedia\Folder
# config/routes/easy_media.yaml

    resource: '@EasyMediaBundle/Resources/config/routes.xml'
// src/Entity/EasyMedia/Folder.php

namespace App\Entity\EasyMedia;

use Adeliom\EasyMediaBundle\Entity\Folder as BaseFolder;
use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping as ORM;

 * @ORM\Entity()
 * @ORM\Table(name="easy_media__folder")
class Folder extends BaseFolder
// src/Entity/EasyMedia/Media.php

namespace App\Entity\EasyMedia;

use Adeliom\EasyMediaBundle\Entity\Media as BaseMedia;
use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping as ORM;

 * @ORM\Entity()
 * @ORM\Table(name="easy_media__media")
class Media extends BaseMedia

Setup database

Using doctrine migrations

php bin/console doctrine:migration:diff
php bin/console doctrine:migration:migrate


php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force


Manage medias in your Easyadmin dashboard

Go to your dashboard controller, example : src/Controller/Admin/DashboardController.php


namespace App\Controller\Admin;

class DashboardController extends AbstractDashboardController
    // Add the custom form theme
    public function configureCrud(Crud $crud): Crud
        return $crud
    public function configureMenuItems(): iterable
        yield MenuItem::linkToRoute('Medias', 'fa fa-picture-o', 'media.index');


Integrate with FOS CKEditor

            filebrowserBrowseRoute: media.browse
            filebrowserImageBrowseRoute: media.browse
                provider: 'image'
                        - 'image/*'
                    uploadSize: 5

Integrate with LiipImagineBundle

        data_root: '%kernel.project_dir%/public'
{{|resolve_media|imagine_filter('filter_name') }}

Field's usage


use Adeliom\EasyMediaBundle\Admin\Field\EasyMediaField;
yield EasyMediaField::new('property', "label")
    // Apply restrictions by mime-types
    ->setFormTypeOption("restrictions_uploadTypes", ["image/*"])
    // Apply restrictions to upload size in MB
    ->setFormTypeOption("restrictions_uploadSize", 5)
    // Apply restrictions to path
    ->setFormTypeOption("restrictions_path", "users/" . $userID)
    // Hide fiels with extensions (null or array)
    ->setFormTypeOption("hideExt", ["svg"])
    // Hide folders (null or array)
    ->setFormTypeOption("hidePath", ['others', 'users/testing'])
    // Enable/Disable actions
    ->setFormTypeOption("editor", true)
    ->setFormTypeOption("upload", true)
    ->setFormTypeOption("bulk_selection", true)
    ->setFormTypeOption("move", true)
    ->setFormTypeOption("rename", true)
    ->setFormTypeOption("metas", true)
    ->setFormTypeOption("delete", true)

Twig usage

# Get media URL
{{|resolve_media }}

# Get media metadatas
{{|media_meta }}

# Get single media metadata
{{|media_meta('key') }}

# Get complete media informations
{{|media_infos }}

# Get test file type
# type_to_test: can be a mime_type or 
# oembed for any embed type
# image for any image type
# pdf for pdf files
# compressed for archives files
{{ file_is_type(, type_to_test) }}

# Get mimetype icon (font-awesome)
{{ mime_icon("text/plain") }}

Manage medias and folders programmatically

/* @var EasyMediaManager $manager */

# Get media by id or null
$media = $manager->getMedia($id);

# Get folder by id or null
$folder = $manager->getFolder($id);

# Get folder by path
$folder = $manager->folderByPath($path);

# Create a folder
$folder = $manager->createFolder($folderName, $path = null)

# Create a media
# $source can be a UploadedFile, File, Image URL, Oembed URL, Base64 URI
$folder = $manager->createMedia($source, $path = null, $name = null)

# Save a folder or media
$manager->save($entity, $flush = true);

# Delete a folder or media
$manager->delete($entity, $flush = true);

Use the Doctrine type (optional)

It automatically converts the stored path into a Media entity

# config/packages/doctrine.yaml
      easy_media_type: Adeliom\EasyMediaBundle\Types\EasyMediaType

In your entity

class Article
     * @ORM\Column(type="easy_media_type", nullable=true)
    private $file;


# config/packages/easy_media.yaml
    storage:              '%kernel.project_dir%/public/upload'
    base_url:             /upload/
    # ignore any file starts with "."
    ignore_files:         '/^\..*/'
    # remove any file special chars except
    # dot .
    # dash -
    # underscore _
    # single quote ''
    # white space
    # parentheses ()
    # comma ,
    allowed_fileNames_chars: '\._\-\''\s\(\),'
    # remove any folder special chars except
    # dash -
    # underscore _
    # white space
    # to add & nest folders in one go add '\/'
    # avoid using '#' as browser interpret it as an anchor
    allowed_folderNames_chars: _\-\s
    # disallow uploading files with the following mimetypes (
        # Defaults:
        - php
        - java
    # disallow uploading files with the following extensions (
        # Defaults:
        - php
        - jav
        - py

        # any extra mime-types that doesnt have "image" in it
        image:                # Required
            # Default:
            - binary/octet-stream
        # any extra mime-types that doesnt have "compressed" in it
        archive:              # Required
            # Defaults:
            - application/x-tar
            - application/zip
    # display file last modification time as
    last_modified_format: Y-m-d
    # hide file extension in files list
    hide_files_ext:       true
    # loaded chunk amount "pagination"
    pagination_amount:    50


type event-name description
modal-show when modal is shown
modal-hide when modal is hidden
file_selected (when inside modal) get selected file url
multi_file_selected (when inside modal) get bulk selected files urls
folder_selected (when inside modal) get selected folder path
em.file.uploaded($file_path, $mime_type, $options) get uploaded file storage path, mime type
em.file.saved($file_path, $mime_type) get saved (edited/link) image full storage path, mime type
em.file.deleted($file_path, $is_folder) get deleted file/folder storage path, if removed item is a folder
em.file.renamed($old_path, $new_path) get renamed file/folder "old & new" storage path
em.file.moved($old_path, $new_path) get moved file/folder "old & new" storage path




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