The package that helps you keep your translations consistent

v2.4.0 2021-05-14 07:58 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-07-20 18:24:11 UTC


Package which helps to keep you translations consistent. Compatible with Symfony versions since 3.4.


Basically, if you use Flex there is enough to execute the command:

composer require --dev aeliot-tm/translation-maintain

See additional information about installation there and description of configuration.


Testing of translation files

Test your YAML translation files:

php bin/console aeliot_trans_maintain:lint:yaml base

Full information about files transformation see there.

Update YAML files

  1. Update certain YAML file:
    php bin/console aeliot_trans_maintain:yaml:transform <PATH_TO_FILE_TO_BE_UPDATED>
  2. Update all YAML files in the directory:
    find PATH_TO_DIRECTORY -type f \( -iname \*.yml -o -iname \*.yaml \) | sort | xargs  -I {} -t  php  bin/console aeliot_trans_maintain:yaml:transform $1{}

Full information about updating of YAML files see there.

Machine Translation via Vendor's API

Full information about machine translation see there.

NOTE: There used standard \Symfony\Component\Yaml\Yaml class for dumping, so it inserts single-word values without escaping.

You can help to implement more features :) See plans there.