Integration of Symfony's Asset component into Nette Framework.

v2.0 2020-10-27 14:12 UTC

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This package integrates symfony/asset into Nette Framework. Configuration is almost same as Symfony's configuration.


The best way to install 68publishers/asset is using Composer:

composer require 68publishers/asset

then you can register extension into DIC:

    asset: SixtyEightPublishers\Asset\DI\AssetExtension


Configuration options are described in official Symfony documentation

Usage in Latte templates

{* Use default package *}
<img src="{asset 'my/awesome/image.png'}" alt="..."></a>
<p>Version: {asset_version 'my/awesome/image.png'}</p>

{* Use "foo" package *}
<img src="{asset 'my/awesome/image.png', 'foo'}" alt="..."></a>
<p>Version: {asset_version 'my/awesome/image.png', 'foo'}</p>

You can also use Filter/Helper equivalent. For example if you want to store result in variable:

{var img = ('my/awesome/image.png')|asset}
{var imgFoo = ('my/awesome/image.png', 'foo')|asset}

{var version = ('my/awesome/image.png')|asset_version}
{var versionFoo = ('my/awesome/image.png', 'foo')|asset_version}


Before committing any changes, don't forget to run

vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix --config=.php_cs.dist -v --dry-run


vendor/bin/tester ./tests