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  • PHP


    A simple PHP trait that makes it easy to cache class method call results within a single session.

  • PHP


    An HTML DOM parser. It allows you to manipulate HTML. Find tags on an HTML page with selectors just like jQuery.

  • PHP


    Commit your uploaded SilverStripe asset files immediately to a VCS repository.

  • PHP


    A library that automatically moves pages to a specific archive page when they expire.

  • PHP


    By default SilverStripe 3.1 overwrites the LastEdited field every time you write DataObjects to the database. This module allows you to keep your changes in the LastEdited field on any DataObject. It does not prevent the LastEdited field from getting updated when no manual edits has been done to it, so the module should not interfere with normal writing, only when you have explicitly set your own value to the LastEdited field.

  • PHP


    Module to easily encode email addresses inside templates, page content and PHP code so that SPAM bots can't understand them, but human readers see them clearly.

  • PHP


    An easy way to generate links to edit any DataObjects in the CMS.

  • PHP


    Creates MySQL views automatically during dev/build .

  • PHP


    A module that allows you to send emails in a background process, check previously sent emails, and monitor and cancel queued and scheduled emails. Also contains an email templating structure that makes your email related code easier to manage via custom classes and .ss template files.

  • PHP


    Enable encryption of data at rest (in database)

  • PHP


    A wrapper for wimagguc/jquery-eu-cookie-law-popup for easy usage in SilverStripe CMS.

  • JavaScript


    An easy way to add a mobile menu button to your theme automatically when the viewport is narrow.

  • PHP


    Just a simple pricelist functionality that makes it possible to create products and have them listed in specific pricelists. No e-commerce functions.

  • PHP


    A module that allows saving sent email message to an IMAP server.

  • PHP


    A BuildTask for SilverStripe which allows for easy checking that the current server environment still meets the requirements defined by the standard SilverStripe installation process.