A wrapper for wimagguc/jquery-eu-cookie-law-popup for easy usage in SilverStripe CMS.

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1.2.0 2018-11-12 14:19 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-06 18:56:38 UTC


Uses jQuery and wimagguc/jquery-eu-cookie-law-popup to create a popup element telling the visitor that the website uses cookies. Note that this module is basically just a wrapper on the latter mentioned library in order to allow easy implementations in SilverStripe projects.


This module requires SilverStripe 4.x framework. The CMS module is also required.


1. Install the module using composer

composer require "taitava/silverstripe-eucookielawpopup:*"

2. Add this HTML snippet somewhere in your themes/***/templates/Page.ss template

<div class="eupopup"></div>

The popup message will be rendered into that element. If you want to change the class attribute to something else, or use an ID attribute instead of a class, you can configure a custom jQuery selector in your application's YAML config:

Create a file app/_config/eucookielawpopup.yml:

Name: customeucookielawpopup
  - '#eucookielawpopup'
  popup_element_jquery_selector: '.eupopup'

Remember to run /dev/build?flush=all in your browser after changing the selector.

3. All configuration options

These are the default values:

Name: customeucookielawpopup
  - '#eucookielawpopup'
  enabled: true #If true, 'EU cookie law popup' related CSS and JavaScript files are automatically defined as requirements during each page request.
  use_jquery_from_framework: true #If true, adds jquery from SS framework as a requirement automatically. Requires $enabled config value to be true too, otherwise does nothing.
  popup_element_jquery_selector: '.eupopup' #You must have an HTML element matching this jQuery selector located somewhere in your HTML code. For example: <div class="eupopup"></div> The element can be empty.
  cookie_policy_page_id: false #If this is an integer, the "learn more" link in the popup box will take the user to this page.
    cookiePolicyUrl: "/cookie-policy" #This option is ignored if cookie_policy_page_id is not false.
    popupPosition: "top"
    colorStyle: "default"
    compactStyle: "false"
    popupTitle: "This website is using cookies"
    popupText: "We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website."
    buttonContinueTitle: "Continue"
    buttonLearnmoreTitle: "Learn more"
    buttonLearnmoreOpenInNewWindow: "true"
    agreementExpiresInDays: 30
    autoAcceptCookiePolicy: "false"
    htmlMarkup: "null"

4. Optional template variables

You can use these variables in any of your templates for additional features.

  • $CookiePolicyLink: An easy way to get the url of the cookie policy page that you have already configured in the YAML configuration using either the 'options.cookiePolicyUrl' option or the 'cookie_policy_page_id' option.
  • $DeleteAllCookiesLink: You can create a link like <a href="$DeleteAllCookiesLink">Cancel consent on receiving cookies and remove existing cookies</a>. When the user clicks this link, all cookies created by any javascript libraries are deleted and the cookie law popup box will reappear to notify the user that she hasn't accepted to receive cookies anymore. Note that if you use this variable in your template, an additional JavaScript file will be automatically included as a requirement, so it will increase the page load time a little bit.

Future plans

Have your own ideas? Please let me know in the issues! :) Pull requests are also welcome.


The original JavaScript library: wimagguc/jquery-eu-cookie-law-popup.

The SilverStripe module: Jarkko Linnanvirta jarkko@taitavasti.fi