Just a simple pricelist functionality that makes it possible to create products and have them listed in specific pricelists. No e-commerce functions.

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1.1.1 2017-05-19 08:43 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-08 06:43:12 UTC



  1. Extend SiteTree (or some other class derived from it):


   - PricelistSiteTreeExtension

Note! If you apply the extension to any other class than SiteTree, you need to define this additional configuration in mysite/_config/pricelist.yml:

    Pages: *YourCustomClassNameHere*

If you forget this, (at least) the backend will crash when you go to add a new Pricelist to your pricelist page. This additional configuration is not needed if you just extend the whole SiteTree class, as that's already configured by default.

  1. Put this to themes/*your-theme-folder*/Page.ss (or to some other template file):
  1. If you want to adjust some configuration settings, you can put these to mysite/_config/pricelist.yml:
  include_stylesheet: false
  currency_sign: '€' #Whether to use the Requirements class to include this module's own stylesheet in frontend to perform some small styling.
  currency_side: 'right'
  hide_zero_prices: false #If true, do not display anything in the price column for items whose price is 0.

Note that the above listing contains the default values, so if they seem good for you, you do not need to copypaste this list to anywhere.

  1. Run /dev/build?flush=all in your browser.

  2. Go to the CMS and edit some page. You should see a Pricelists tab there.


If you have any ideas about how to improve this module or any questions, I would be glad to hear them! :) Please raise an issue or create a pull request - which ever you like.