Create your own content elements and page templates. Easy to use, even without programming skills because of the comfortable drag and drop user interface. Stored in structured database tables. Style your frontend with Fluid tags. Ideal, if you want to switch from Templavoila.

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Page and Content masks for TYPO3

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TYPO3 extension mask 🎭

Mask is a content element builder that generates TypoScript, TSconfig and TCA on the fly. You can build your own custom content elements in a user-friendly backend module via drag and drop. Your configuration is stored in json files, which can be shared across projects.

Mask provides different field types, that you can use to customize your content elements. Depending on the type there are different options available. Field types are grouped roughly into input, repeating and structural fields. With these given tools, you can cover almost all typical requirements for your projects. And if not, Mask can be extended via TCA overrides or DataProcessors.

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Quickstart 🚀

  1. Add Mask as a dependency in your ext_emconf.php and/or composer.json of your sitepackage.
  2. Download Mask with composer by running the command composer require mask/mask or install via extension manager.
  3. Activate Mask in the extension manager (not needed in TYPO3 v11 composer mode).
  4. Mask requires fluid_styled_content so go to your static includes in the template module and include it there.
  5. Also include the Mask static TypoScript.
  6. Navigate to the Mask module and enter your sitepackage extension key for auto-configuration (your extension must be loaded!).
  7. Start creating your own content elements!

Manual configuration ✏️

If you don't want to use the default folder structure created by the auto-configuration, you can adjust every path in the extension configuration of Mask.

Advantages of Mask ✅

  • Mask stores the content in columns in database tables – not as XML (Flexform)
  • Mask reuses existing database fields to conserve the database
  • Mask works only with existing features of the TYPO3 core: backend layouts, Fluid, TypoScript
  • Silent TCA migrations allow for easy TYPO3 upgrades to new major versions
  • Mask allows repeating content with IRRE technology
  • Mask supports multi-language projects
  • Mask supports workspaces and versioning
  • The Mask backend is a single page application based on VueJS for even more comfort

Read a detailed explanation for each advantage and why to use Mask over other alternatives in the official documentation.

Mask versions 📆

Mask Version TYPO3 Version Release Date Status More Info
v8.3 v11, v12 2023-08-09 regular maintenance Mask Events
v8.2 v11, v12 2023-06-12 discontinued TCA columnsOverride support
v8.1 v11, v12 2023-05-02 discontinued Deprecation free, new types
v8.0 v11, v12.3 2022-10-24 discontinued Compatibility TYPO3 v12
v7.2 v10, v11 2022-05-25 discontinued New field types, improved UX
v7.1 v10, v11 2021-12-14 discontinued JsonSplitLoader, new API
v7.0 v10, v11 2021-05-12 discontinued VueJS based Mask Backend
v6 v10, v11.1 2020-10-08 discontinued Palettes, Groups and more
v5 v10 2020-04-18 discontinued Please update to v7
v4 v9 2018-10-04 discontinued
v3 v8 2017-05-23 discontinued
v2 v7 2016-05-10 discontinued
v1 v6, v7 2015-08-12 discontinued

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Sponsors 🤝

See a list of all sponsors, who helped Mask to become what it is today.