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mouf's packages

  • PHP


    This package contains wrapper classes that make Doctrine DBAL easy to use in Mouf

  • PHP


    This package contains wrapper classes that make Doctrine ORM easy to use in Mouf

  • PHP


    A database patch system designed for Mouf than enables developers to know what patch has been run and what needs to be run on its environment. This package adds database support to the Mouf patch system (mouf/utils.patcher).

  • PHP


    This package contains classes useful to generate SQL statements such as SELECT queries, etc...

  • PHP


    The Database Machine is a PHP ORM that requires no configuration. The object model is deduced at runtime from the database model.

  • PHP


    A binding package between thecodingmachine/tdbm-graphql and the Mouf framework

  • mouf/famfamfam

    This is the Famfamfam silk icon set, wrapped into an easy to use PHP composer package.

  • Shell


    Getting things done is a project helping you having a full featured development environment, featuring the Mouf2 framework and the most common libraries working with Mouf2 (MVC framework, ORM, etc...)

  • PHP


    This package contains the HtmlElementInterface interface that can be used to output HTML on a page. It also features base classes implementing this interface.

  • PHP


    This package contains the rendering mechanism of the Mouf framework. It is a mechanism allowing packages/templates/developers to overload a default template for various HTML objects.

  • PHP


    This package contains a set of Twig extensions and utility class to ease the use of Twig templates in Mouf.

  • PHP


    This package contains a pure PHP object representation of HTML5 tags. There is one class for each existing HTML tag, and one getter/setter per attribute.

  • PHP


    This package contains a Mouf template based on the Twitter Bootstrap HTML/CSS/JS library, along a Mouf installer file to add the template easily in your Mouf project.

  • PHP


    This package contains a single class in charge of rendering a 'Menu' instance in HTML using the toHtml() method. The rendering is performed using <ul> and <li> tags.

  • PHP


    This package contains a menu that is displayed as a ribbon at the top of the screen. The class is in charge of rendering a 'Menu' instance in HTML using the toHtml() method.