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cobweb's packages

  • PHP


    Tool for importing data from external sources into the TYPO3 database, using an extended TCA syntax. Provides a BE module, a Scheduler task, a command-line tool and an API.

  • PHP


    Test data and scenarios for the External Import extension.

  • PHP


    Tutorial for the External Import extension. Contains the manual and the necessary files.

  • PHP


    Adds an item to the flush cache menu to clear just the language (l10n) cache. Also provides a command-line tool for that.

  • PHP


    This family of services is used to connect to external data sources and fetch data from them. This is just a base class which cannot be used by itself. Implementations are done for specific subtypes.

  • PHP


    Connector service for reading a CSV or similar flat file

  • PHP


    Connector service for XML files or RSS feeds

  • PHP


    Connector service for JSON data

  • PHP


    Connector service for any SQL-based database via Doctrine-DBAL.

  • PHP


    The Developer's Log extension provides development logging/debugging functionality for usage of GeneralUtility::devlog() and a BE module to browse the logs.

  • ideative/data_handler_queue

    Provides an API for registering DataHandler data and commands and replay them asynchronously at a later point in time.

  • ideative/t3-redirect40x

    40x handler for TYPO3

  • ideative/t3-tarteaucitron

    TYPO3 wrapper for the Tarteaucitron Javascript. Easily configure the services and display settings through TypoScript