Test data and scenarios for the External Import extension.

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External Import Test Data

This TYPO3 CMS extension provides test data for extension "external_import". These import scenarios are not documented, but can also be used as examples for those wanting to take a look at more complex configurations.

All integrations tests of "external_import" are based on this data.

If this does not make any sense, start by looking at


The icons for the various tables come from the Noun Project:

  • "bundle" table: bundle by Lek Potharam
  • "invoice" table: invoice by Ilya Tsarenko
  • "order" table: Shopping Cart by lipi
  • "oder item" table: shopping by Alice Design
  • "product" table: product by Rafael Garcia Motta
  • "store" table: Store by AomAm
  • "tag" table: Tag by Prime Icons
  • "designer" table: Anvil by Arthur Shlain