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TYPO3 Extension "id-redirect40x"

The purpose of this extension is to provide better management of 403 errors.

If a user tries to reach a page protected (for a given FE usergroup), and is not logged, by default TYPO3 allows you to display content from a given page. But if a logged user tries to reach the same protected page, and is still not allowed to access the content the user should have a different content, informing that he is not authorized to access the content.

According to HTTP/1.1 standard , this is two different error status code :

  • 401 Unauthorized : Which semantically means "unauthenticated", i.e. the user does not have the necessary credentials

  • 403 Forbidden : The request was valid, but the server is refusing action. The user might not have the necessary permissions for a resource, or may need an account of some sort.

How to configure this

Create dedicated pages

First, for each site stored in TYPO3, you must create the dedicated pages that will be used by the extension.

At least, two pages must be created :

  1. The page that will be displayed when an unidentified user tries to access a protected page. In most cases, this will be the page displaying the login form.

  2. The page that will be displayed when an identified user tries to access a protected page. In most cases, it will be a page displaying a simple text indicating that the user is not authorized to access this content.

Configure site

For each site, you must configure the 403 error handling config as follow:

Site Configuration

Making this extension better

You found a bug, You have a fix?

Don't hesitate to create an issue or push a pull request. Any help is really welcome. Thanks.

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