Extends the MinkContext and adds some additional (sub)contexts like creating a screenshot when a step fails or wait for Ajax to finish before continuing assertPageContainsText()

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6.2.4 2022-11-20 13:10 UTC


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An extension on the Behat Mink feature contexts. You can extend the FeatureContext from this bundle or simply use the SubContexts in your own.


The FeatureContext overrides the standard MinkContext methods to add some additional functionality.

The assertPageContainsText($text) definition is currently extended so it waits for AJAX requests to finish before continuing.


Failed step screenshots

The FailedScreenshotSubContext offers a takeScreenshotAfterFailedStep($event) definition which takes a screenshot and saves it to the "build/behat" folder when a step fails.

Radio Button

The RadioButtonSubContect offers support for radio button testing in your features.