A Drupal 9 scaffold & template for the Ziggurat profile

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The Ziggurat Distribution project template. Provides a Drupal 9 scaffold project with the Ziggurat profile to kickstart development of a new instance of a Ziggurat site.


Composer, Lando, and Git are required to start and develop this project. The project is containerized and wrapped with Lando.

Getting started

Using composer make a copy of the project template using the following command

$ composer create-project ziggurat-distro/ziggurat-template PROJECT_NAME --remove-vcs -s dev --no-install

This will download the project template into a new directory, for your project it is best to replace PROJECT_NAME with the name of your new project. This should also match the name of the repository in git.

Then you should look to enable your new project's version control system, git is the recommended one. Make sure you are in the project directory and use the following commands to start and commit the initial version of your project:

$ git init
$ git add .
$ git commit

You should also look to set your remote repository and push this project there.

Local Development

For local development Lando is used. Before starting a sample site install locally, make sure to set the project name in your .lando.yml file where it says PROJECT_NAME. This name should match both the git and directory name of the project.

From the project directory to get the initial packages and containers set up run:

$ lando start

Once lando has started and installed your dependencies you can now install the profile. Make sure to replace PROJECT_SITE_NAME with the name of your new site:

$ lando drush site-install ziggurat --verbose --yes --site-mail=admin@localhost --account-mail=admin@localhost --site-name='PROJECT_SITE_NAME' --account-name=admin --account-pass=admin;
$ lando drush en -y ziggurat_default_content
$ lando drush en -y nodeaccess

The command above will install Drupal with the ziggurat installation profile. You can then log into Drupal as User 1 with admin / admin as the credentials.

Contributing to the Ziggurat Profile

If you are interested in contributing to and testing the ziggurat profile you can use this template, follow the guide found here: Ziggurat Contributor