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Promocodes generator for Laravel 5.*. Trying to make the best package in this category. You are welcome to join the party, give me some advices 🎉 and make pull requests.


Table of Contents

What's new?


Install this package via Composer:

$ composer require zgabievi/promocodes

If you are using Laravel 5.5 or later, then installation is done. Otherwise follow the next steps.

Open config/app.php and follow steps below:

Find the providers array and add our service provider.

'providers' => [
    // ...

Find the aliases array and add our facade.

'aliases' => [
    // ...
    'Promocodes' => Gabievi\Promocodes\Facades\Promocodes::class


Publish config & migration file using Artisan command:

$ php artisan vendor:publish

To create table for promocodes in database run:

$ php artisan migrate

Configuration parameters are well documented. There is no need to describe each parameter here.

Check config/promocodes.php and read comments there if you need.


Generate as many codes as you wish and output them without saving to database.

You will get array of codes in return:

Promocodes::output($amount = 1);


name type description required?
$amount number Number of items to be generated NO

Create as many codes as you wish. Set reward (amount).

Attach additional data as array. Specify for how many days should this codes stay alive.

By default generated code will be multipass (several users will be able to use this code once).

They will be saved in database and you will get collection of them in return:

Promocodes::create($amount = 1, $reward = null, array $data = [], $expires_in = null, $quantity = null, $is_disposable = false);

If you want to create code that will be used only once, here is method for you.

Promocodes::createDisposable($amount = 1, $reward = null, array $data = [], $expires_in = null, $quantity = null);


name type description default required?
$amount integer Number of promocodes to generate 1 NO
$reward float Number of reward that user gets (ex: 30 - can be used as 30% sale on something) null NO
$data array Any additional information to get from promocode [] NO
$expires_in integer Number of days to keed promocode valid null NO
$quantity integer How many times can promocode be used? null NO
$is_disposable boolean If promocode is one-time use only false NO

Check if given code exists, is usable and not yet expired.

Returns Promocode object if valid, or false if not.



name type description required?
$code string Code to be checked for validity YES

If you want to check if user tries to use promocode for second time you can call Promocodes::isSecondUsageAttempt and pass Promocode object as an argument. As an answer you will get boolean value

Redeem or apply code. Redeem is alias for apply method.

User should be authenticated to redeem code or this method will throw an exception (\Gabievi\Promocodes\Exceptions\UnauthenticatedException).

Also if authenticated user will try to apply code twice, it will throw an exception (\Gabievi\Promocodes\Exceptions\AlreadyUsedException)

Returns Promocode object if applied, or false if not.



name type description required?
$code string Code to be applied by authenticated user YES

Get the collection of valid promotion codes.


You can immediately expire code by calling disable function. Returning boolean status of update.



name type description required?
$code string Code to be set as invalid YES

And if you want to delete expired, or non-usable codes you can erase them.

This method will remove redundant codes from database and their relations to users.


Promocodes can be related to users

If you want to use user relation open app/User.php and make it Rewardable as in example:

namespace App;

use Illuminate\Notifications\Notifiable;
use Gabievi\Promocodes\Traits\Rewardable;
use Illuminate\Foundation\Auth\User as Authenticatable;

class User extends Authenticatable
    use Notifiable, Rewardable;

    // ...

Redeem or apply code are same. redeemCode is alias of applyCode

Pass promotion code you want to be applied by current user.

User::redeemCode($code, $callback = null);
User::applyCode($code, $callback = null);

Example (usage of callback):

$redeemMessage = $user->redeemCode('ABCD-DCBA', function ($promocode) use ($user) {
    return 'Congratulations, ' . $user->name . '! We have added ' . $promocode->reward . ' points on your account';

// Congratulations, Zura! We have added 10 points on your account

How to use additional data?

  1. Process of creation:
Promocodes::create(1, 25, ['foo' => 'bar', 'baz' => 'qux']);
  1. Getting data back:
Promocodes::redeem('ABC-DEF', function($promocode) {
    echo $promocode->data['foo'];

// bar


User::redeemCode('ABC-DEF', function($promocode) {
    echo $promocode->data['foo'];

// bar


Finally it's here. I've written some test to keep this package healthy and stable

laravel-promocodes tests


laravel-promocodes is licensed under a MIT License.