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Opensource knowledge base application for Teams.

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Opus is a place for your team to document who you are, what you do and how you do it. It helps you create and maintain a knowledge base for your teams.



As companies grow, it becomes difficult to manage and communicate the knowledge across different departments, Opus acts as a single source of truth; a go-to place for the employees to get knowledge. It gives enterprises the power to create anything and everything; from meeting notes, project plans, product requirements, technical documentations, orchestrate processes, work-flows and more.

There are spaces for every team, department or major project. Then employees can create, organize and share knowledge inside their relevant teams and keep work organized. There is a structured hierarchy and powerful search engine to find what you need quickly and easily. Apart from that, templates help creating documents without any hassle and there is PDF and Office Docs generation for the ease of sharing.


  • Create manage Wikis (group of knowledge pages)
  • Create nested pages inside wikis
  • Manage wikis and pages by spaces and tags
  • Invite employees by email
  • Powerful ACL to assign different roles and permissions to employees.
  • Slack notifications for the wiki updates
  • Mark wikis and pages as favorite
  • Watch wiki/pages to get notified
  • In-app notifications
  • Discussions using comments
  • Create reusable page templates
  • Search across the knowledge base
  • ..and more


You can find some screenshots of the application in this following link.


You can use one of the following methods:


composer create-project ziishaned/opus
cd opus
cp .env.dist .env
docker-compose up
docker-compose exec app php artisan key:generate
docker-compose exec app php artisan migrate
docker run -v "$PWD":/var/www/ opus_app /usr/local/bin/composer install


  • Run the below command in your terminal:
    composer create-project ziishaned/opus
  • Create .env using .env.dist and populate the relevant information
  • Install the dependencies
    composer install
  • Open the project directory and run the below
    php artisan migrate
  • Generate an application key
    php artisan key:generate
  • Run the database seeder
    php artisan db:seed



The license holder is allowed to use the software for free, as long as they don't make money using it. Read more in License