Management system of internal notifications for Laravel 5.*

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Notifynder is designed to manage notifications in a powerful and easy way. With the flexibility that Notifynder offer, It provide a complete API to work with your notifications, such as storing, retriving, and organise your codebase to handle hundreds of notifications. You get started in a couple of minutes to "enable" notifications in your Laravel Project.

Compatible DBs: MySql - PostgresSql - Sqlite

Documentation: Notifynder Wiki

Community: Slack | Signup


Step 1

Add it on your composer.json

"fenos/notifynder": "3.1.*"

and run

composer update

Step 2

Add the following string to config/app.php

Providers array:


Aliases array:


Step 3


Publish the migration as well as the configuration of notifynder with the following command:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Fenos\Notifynder\NotifynderServiceProvider"

Run the migration

php artisan migrate

Quick Usage

Set up category of notification, think about it as the body of the notification:

php artisan notifynder:create:category "user.following" "{from.username} started to follow you"

To send a notification with notifynder, that's all you have to do.


Retrieving Notifications

// @return Collection

Reading Notifications:

// @return number of notifications read

To know more, such as the advance usage of Notifynder Visit the Notifynder Wiki.