The package helps with implementing data entry forms.

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Yii Form

The package helps with implementing data entry forms.

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The package could be installed via composer:

composer require yiisoft/form


You must create your form model by extending the abstract form class, defining all the private properties with their respective typehint.

Example: LoginForm.php



namespace App\Form;

use Yiisoft\Form\FormModel;
use Yiisoft\Validator\Rule\Email;
use Yiisoft\Validator\Rule\Required;
use Yiisoft\Validator\Rule\HasLength;

class LoginForm extends FormModel
    /** Define properties with TypeHint */
    private ?string $login = null;
    private ?string $password = null;
    private bool $rememberMe = false;

    /** Getters properties */
    public function getLogin(): ?string
        return $this->login;

    public function getPassword(): ?string
        return $this->password;

    public function getRememberMe(): bool
        return $this->rememberMe;

    /** Setters properties */
    public function login(string $value): void
        $this->login = $value;

    public function password(string $value): void
        $this->password = $value;

    public function rememberMe(bool $value): void
        $this->rememberMe = $value;

    /** Define labels */
    public function attributeLabels(): array
        return [
            'login' => 'Login:',
            'password' => 'Password:',
            'rememberMe' => 'remember Me:'

    /** Define form name */
    public function formName(): string
        return 'LoginForm';

    /** Add rules */
    public function rules(): array
        return [
            'login' => $this->loginRules()

    /** Define login rules */
    private function loginRules(): array
        return [
            new Required(),
            (new HasLength())
            ->tooShortMessage('Is too short.')
            ->tooLongMessage('Is too long.'),
            new Email()

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The Yii Form is free software. It is released under the terms of the BSD License. Please see LICENSE for more information.

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