An interface for checking access

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Yii Access

This package provides an interface for checking if certain user has certain permission. Optional parameters could be passed for fine-grained access checks.

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composer require yiisoft/access


An access checker such as RBAC implements the interface. A user identity may use it then for checking access:

namespace App;

use Yiisoft\Access\AccessCheckerInterface;

class UserService
  private AccessCheckerInterface $accessChecker;

  public function __construct(AccessCheckerInterface $accessChecker)
      $this->accessChecker = $accessChecker;

  public function can(string $permissionName, array $parameters = []): bool
      return $this->accessChecker->userHasPermission($this->getCurrentUser()->getId() ?? '', $permissionName, $parameters);

  public function getCurrentUser(): User
      // ...

In the handler it may look like the following:

public function actionList(UserService $userService)
  if (!$userService->can('list_posts')) {
      // access denied

  // list posts