A wiki system with extensions making collaboration more simple (databases, maps, easy editing, themes,...)


YesWiki is a Free Software under the AGPL licence, made for creating and managing your website, in a collaborative way.

YesWiki allows any web user, online, with any browser, to :

  • create, delete, edit or comment on the pages of a site, with any number of editors or pages.
  • manage access rights for each page (read, write, or comment) for a user or a group.
  • layout a page content in a very intuitive and visual way, using formatting rules which require no technical skills.
  • publish immediately any creation or modification of a page.
  • analyze and manage the whole site through simple functions : site map, list of users, most recently modified or commented pages, etc.
  • a set of templates to suit any site need in term of presentation
  • ability for each part of a site to act as Wiki page : title, header, menus, footer etc. can be easily edited from a browser.
  • a light but strong anti-spam solution.
  • the possibility to embed documents in a page : pictures, mp3, videos, mind maps etc.
  • a plugin manager and numerous extensions : user oriented database manager, tags, contact forms, etc.


YesWiki can be installed in about ten minutes on a server which supports PHP >= 7.3 and a MySQL >= 5.6 database. Once installed, the YesWiki site is working immediately, and can be managed online from a web browser.

More detailed install instructions in the file.


YesWiki grew out of a French language version of WakkaWiki called Wikini, and hence has strong French language support.

Authors and contributors

Initial WakkaWiki author

Wikini authors

  • 2003 Carlo ZOTTMANN
  • 2002, 2003, 2004 David DELON
  • 2002, 2003, 2004 Charles NEPOTE
  • 2002, 2003, 2004 Patrick PAUL
  • 2003 Eric DELORD
  • 2003, 2004 Eric FELDSTEIN
  • 2003 Jean-Pascal MILCENT
  • 2003 Jéréme DESQUILBET
  • 2003 Erus UMBRAE
  • 2004 David VANTYGHEM
  • 2004 Jean Christophe ANDRE

YesWiki authors