Fast, simple, async php telegram client and parser: MadelineProto + Amp HTTP Server

v1.5.3 2020-01-15 22:50 UTC

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Last update: 2020-01-19 18:04:18 UTC


Fast, simple, async php telegram api server: MadelineProto and AmpPhp Server


  • Fast async amp http server
  • Full access to telegram api: bot and user
  • Multiple sessions
  • Stream media (view files in browser)
  • Websocket endpoint for events

Architecture Example Architecture Example


  1. Git clone this repo

  2. composer install -o --no-dev to install required libs

  3. Create .env from .env.example

  4. Fill variables in .env

  5. Get app_id and app_hash at my.telegram.org or leave blank. MadelineProto will generate them on start.


  6. Use supervisor to monitor and restart swoole/amphp servers. Example of /etc/supervisor/conf.d/telegram_api_server.conf:

    command=/usr/bin/php /home/admin/web/tg.i-c-a.su/TelegramApiServer/server.php


  1. Run server/parser

    usage: php server.php [--help] [-a=|--address=] [-p=|--port=9503] [-s=|--session=]
            --help      Show this message
        -a  --address   Server ip (optional) (default:
                        To listen external connections use and fill IP_WHITELIST in .env
        -p  --port      Server port (optional) (default: 9503)
        -s  --session   Name for session file (optional)
                        Multiple sessions can be specified: "--session=user --session=bot"
                        Each session is stored in `sessions/%session%.madeline`. 
                        Nested folders supported.
                        See README for more examples.
    Also  options can be set in .env file (see .env.example)
  2. Access telegram api directly with simple GET/POST requests.

    Its recommended to use http_build_query for GET requests.


    • All methods from MadelineProto supported: Methods List
    • Url: http://%address%:%port%/api[/%session%]/%class%.%method%/?%param%=%val%
    • Important: api available only from ip in whitelist. By default it is: You can add client ip in .env file to API_CLIENT_WHITELIST (use json format)
    • If method is inside class (messages, contacts and etc.) use '.' to separate class from method:
    • If method requires array of values, use any name of array, for example 'data': ?data[peer]=@xtrime&data[message]=Hello!. Order of parameters does't matter in this case.
    • If method requires one or multiple separate parameters (not inside array) then pass parameters with any names but in strict order: or works the same


    • get_info about channel/user:
    • get_info about currect account:
    • repost:[from_peer]=@xtrime&data[to_peer]=@xtrime&data[id]=1234
    • get messages from channel/user:[peer]=@breakingmash&data[limit]=10
    • get messages with text in HTML:[peer]=@breakingmash&data[limit]=10
    • search:[q]=Hello%20World&data[limit]=10
    • sendMessage:[peer]=@xtrime&data[message]=Hello!
    • copy message from one channel to another (not repost):[from_peer]=@xtrime&data[to_peer]=@xtrime&data[id][0]=1

Advanced features

  • Multiple sessions support. When running multiple sessions, need to define which session to use for request. Each session is stored in sessions/{$session}.madeline. Nested folders supported. Examples:

    • php server.php --session=bot --session=users/xtrime --session=users/user1
    • sessions file paths are: sessions/bot.madeline, sessions/users/xtrime.madeline and sessions/users/user1.madeline
    • glob syntax for sessions:
      • --session=* to use all sessions/*.madeline files.
      • --session=users/* --session=bots/* to use all session files from sessions/bots and sessions/users folders.
  • Session management (Use with caution, can be unstable)


    • Adding session:
    • Removing session:

    If there is no authorization in session, or session file is blank, authorization required:


    • (optional)
    • (optional)


  • EventHandler updates via websocket. Connect to ws:// You will get all events in json. Each event is json object in json-rpc 2.0 format. Example:

    When using CombinedAPI (multiple accounts) name of session can be added to path of websocket endpoint: This endpoint will send events only from users/xtrime session: ws://

    PHP websocket client example: websocket-events.php


  • Telegram: @xtrime
  • Email: alexander(at)i-c-a.su
  • Donations:
    • BTC: 1BE1nitXgEAxg7A5tgec67ucNryQwusoiP
    • ETH: 0x0e2d369E28DCA2336803b9dE696eCDa50ff61e27