Router responder for Amp's HTTP server.

v1.0.2 2019-08-21 15:51 UTC


This package provides a routing RequestHandler for Amp's HTTP server based on the request URI and method based on FastRoute.


Router implements RequestHandler. Any attached RequestHandler and Middleware instances will receive any ServerObserver events.

Routes can be defined using the addRoute($method, $uri, $requestHandler) method. Please read the FastRoute documentation on how to define placeholders.

Matched route arguments are available in the request attributes under the Amp\Http\Server\Router key as an associative array.


$router = new Router;

$router->addRoute('GET', '/', new CallableRequestHandler(function () {
    return new Response(Status::OK, ['content-type' => 'text/plain'], 'Hello, world!');

$router->addRoute('GET', '/{name}', new CallableRequestHandler(function (Request $request) {
    $args = $request->getAttribute(Router::class);
    return new Response(Status::OK, ['content-type' => 'text/plain'], "Hello, {$args['name']}!");


The Router will decode the URI path before matching. This will also decode any forward slashes (/), which might result in unexpected matching for URIs with encoded slashes. FastRoute placeholders match path segments by default, which are separated by slashes. That means a route like /token/{token} won't match if the token contains an encoded slash. You can work around this limitation by using a custom regular expression for the placeholder like /token/{token:.+}.