Library for WP Desk Codeception tests.

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Library for Codeception tests.

PHP Documentation



composer require --dev wpdesk/wp-codeception


Create codeception tests

composer create-codeception-tests

This command creates all folders and files required by codeception.

Additionally creates example test with WP Desk plugin activation: tests/codeception/tests/acceptance/ActivationCest.php

Required changes:

  • change value of WPDESK_PLUGIN_SLUG variable in file: tests/codeception/bootstrap.sh

Run tests

Run all tests: composer run-codeception-tests

Run single test (whole class): composer run-codeception-tests ClassNameCest (example: composer run-codeception-tests WooCommerceCest)

Run single test (single method): composer run-codeception-tests ClassNameCest:methodName (example: composer run-codeception-tests WooCommerceCest:makeOrder)

Run all tests and do not shutdown docker-compose: composer run-codeception-tests all fast

Run single test (whole class) and do not shutdown docker-compose: composer run-codeception-tests ClassNameCest fast (example: composer run-codeception-tests WooCommerceCest fast)

Run single test (single method) and do not shutdown docker-compose: composer run-codeception-tests ClassNameCest:methodName fast (example: composer run-codeception-tests WooCommerceCest:makeOrder fast)

Pass WooCommerce version to tests: composer run-codeception-tests all slow 3.7.0-beta.1

or composer run-codeception-tests all fast 3.7.0-beta.1

or composer run-codeception-tests ClassNameCest fast 3.7.0-beta.1

Run local tests - without docker


  • mysql

    Create database wptest.

    Create user mysql with password mysql.

  • apache

    Virtual host wptests with root folder /tmp/wptests

  • chromedriver

    On mac: brew install chromedriver

    If tests not working copy chromedriver to /usr/local/bin

  • selenium-server

    On mac: brew install selenium-server-standalone and start selenium server.

  • hosts

    Add to /etc/hosts: wptests mysqltests chrome


composer run-local-codeception-tests

Writing tests

Acceptance tests: https://codeception.com/docs/03-AcceptanceTests

Recommended test format - Cest: https://codeception.com/docs/07-AdvancedUsage

Wordpress and codeception: https://codeception.com/for/wordpress

WebDriver (actions): https://codeception.com/docs/modules/WebDriver

Extending wp-codeception library

We have custom Tester Actions in TesterWordpressActions and TesterWooCommerceActions traits. All actions should be added there.

TesterWordpressActions and TesterWooCommerceActions traits are used in generated by codeception AcceptanceTester class.

Other WP Desk plugins

When plugin uses other plugins and that plugins are in WordPress repository we can install them from repository in bootstrap.sh.

When we want to use plugin from wpdesk gitlab we can use prepare.sh script. There are example usage in flexible-shipping-pro plugin. Check flexible-shipping-pro/tests/codeception/prepare.sh.dist file.


If there is unexpected alert open: {Alert text : } add to acceptance.suite.yml in WPWebDriver config section:

                unexpectedAlertBehaviour: "accept"


After git checkout run commands:

vendor/bin/codecept bootstrap tests/codeception

vendor/bin/codecept build