A command line interface for WordPress

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WP-CLI is a set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations.


If you just want to use WP-CLI, see http://wp-cli.org/#install.

If you want to hack on WP-CLI, see CONTRIBUTING.md.

Where can I get more info?

For documentation and examples, check out wp-cli.org and the documentation portal.

Also, WordPress Answers has a growing list of WP-CLI related questions.

If you want to receive an email for every single commit, you can subscribe to the wp-cli-commits mailing list.

I'm running into troubles, what can I do?

To suggest a feature, report a bug, or general discussion, visit the issues section.

If you're reporting a bug, please include the output from wp --info and do your best to follow bug reporting best practices.


Besides the libraries defined in composer.json, we have used code or ideas from the following projects:

Who's behind this thing?

For more info, see Governance.

A complete list of contributors can be found here.