A plugin for Pest to add GraphQL coverage via Lighthouse

v0.3.4 2024-04-22 11:39 UTC

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This plugin adds supports for showing the coverage of the GraphQL schema (Lighthouse only).


You can install the package via composer:

composer require --dev worksome/pest-graphql-coverage


To enable it simply add --gql-coverage argument to your test command

php artisan test --gql-coverage

It can even be used together with parallel

php artisan test --gql-coverage -p

Setting coverage limits

By adding the argument --gql-min=<percentage>, we can limit to have a min coverage of x.

php artisan test --gql-coverage --gql-min=60

Setting the number of output fields

By adding the argument --gql-untested-count=<max>, we can increase or reduce the number of untested fields that are output.

php artisan test --gql-coverage --gql-untested-count=25

Changing default schema fetching command

By default, it will fetch the schema using php artisan lighthouse:print-schema, however if you have a custom command for fetching the schema, that can be used instead by adding --schema-command argument

php artisan test --gql-coverage --schema-command="php artisan lighthouse:print-schema-v2"

Excluding nodes from total coverage

By default, all nodes will be included when calculating coverage. However, if you have nodes such as the built-in Lighthouse pagination types that you do not want to be covered, you can configure ignored fields from your Pest.php configuration file.



use Worksome\PestGraphqlCoverage\Config as GraphQLCoverageConfig;

        // ...

// Exclude all paginator info nodes

Native Pest usage

This also works natively with Pest (without using Artisan), as it is a Pest plugin.

vendor/bin/pest --gql-coverage


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.