Worksomes coding style

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Worksomes Coding Style

This repository contains the coding style followed by Worksome.

It includes configuration for ecs,, phpstan and rector.


Install this composer package

composer require worksome/coding-style --dev

Run the generate command for generating the config files.

composer generate-coding-style-stubs

Add the following section to your composer.json file

"scripts": {
    "ecs": "vendor/bin/ecs",
    "ecs:fix": "vendor/bin/ecs --fix",
    "phpstan": "vendor/bin/phpstan analyse",
    "rector": "vendor/bin/rector process --dry-run --ansi",
    "rector:fix": "vendor/bin/rector process --ansi"


For using it simply run one of the scripts added to composer.

$ composer ecs
$ composer ecs:fix
$ composer phpstan
$ composer rector
$ composer rector:fix

Custom PhpStan rules

This section will list all the custom phpstan rules this package adds.


Rules that are applied to all projects.


This rule is used to ensure that all PHP files include with the declare(strict_types=1) statement.


Sets up configuration for suffixing the following namespaces

  • App\Events: Event
  • App\Listener: Listener
  • App\Policies: Policy
  • App\Jobs: Job

This makes sures events, listeners, policies and jobs has the same suffix.


Rules that are only applied in a Laravel context.


This rule disallows the usage of the Route::resource method when combined with only or except. Instead, partial route resources should be split into multiple routes.


Similar to DisallowPartialRouteFacadeResource, but prevents partial resource usage when used in a route group.


This rule prevents PHPUnit tests in favour of Pest PHP. It will allow abstract TestCase classes.


This rule will enforce the use of kebab-case for Artisan commands.

Custom sniffs

List all the custom sniffs created by Worksome.


All custom sniffs specific to Laravel.

Config filename kebab case

Checks if all config files are written in kebab case.

Disallow env usage

Makes sure that you don't use env helper in your code, except for config files.

Event listener suffix

Enforces event listeners to end with a specific suffix, this suffix is defaulted to Listener.

parameters defaults
suffix Listener

Disallow blade outside of the resources directory

Makes sure no .blade.php files exist outside of Laravel's resources directory.

parameters defaults
resourcesDirectory {YOUR_PROJECT}/resources


All custom sniffs which are not specific to Laravel.

Property dollar sign

Makes sure that you always have a dollar sign in your properties defined in phpdoc.

* @property string $name
class User {}

Param tags with no type or comment

This removes all @param tags which has no specified a type or comment

 * @param string $name
 * @param $type some random type
 * @param $other // <-- will be removed
public function someMethod($name, $type, $other): void

This is mainly because phpstan requires this before it sees the property as valid.