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Worksomes Coding Style

This repository contains the coding style followed by Worksome.

It includes configuration for phpcs, phpstan and rector.


Install this composer package

composer require worksome/coding-style --dev

Run the generate command for generating the config files.

composer generate-coding-style-stubs

Add the following section to your composer.json file

"scripts": {
    "phpcs": "vendor/bin/phpcs",
    "phpcbf": "vendor/bin/phpcbf",
    "phpstan": "vendor/bin/phpstan analyse",
    "rector-ci": "vendor/bin/rector process --dry-run --ansi",
    "rector": "vendor/bin/rector process --ansi"


For using it simply run one of the scripts added to composer.

$ composer phpcs
$ composer phpstan
$ composer rector-ci

Custom PhpStan rules

This section will list all the custom phpstan rules this package adds.


Rules that are applied to all projects.

NamespaceBasedSuffix (configurable)


Rules that are only applied in a Laravel context.


This rule disallows the usage of laravel's app helper function in favour of using dependency injection instead.


Sets up configuration for suffixing the following namespaces

  • App\Events: Event
  • App\Listener: Listener
  • App\Policies: Policy
  • App\Jobs: Job

This makes sures events, listeners, policies and jobs has the same suffix.