This bundle provides some more functionality to easycorp/easyadmin-bundle

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1.1.0 2020-02-18 13:22 UTC

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Last update: 2020-06-18 14:00:19 UTC


This bundle provides some more functionality to easycorp/easyadmin-bundle.

Some of the features provided are:

  • custom download action which allows exporting data into CSV format (search and filter mechanisms and batch operations are supported).
  • possibility to define custom global actions that will be rendered on a list view (unlike batch actions, global actions receive the same filters and search parameters as list action which allows to perform operations not only on selected items but on all entities at once).
  • security controller integrating login page with friendsofsymfony/user-bundle.
  • extension for search autocomplete allowing to specify property that should be displayed in the results instead of relying on __toString method.
  • autocomplete form type for dynamic filters.