An addOn for SallyCMS, adding a simple payment API for shops

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dev-default / 1.x-dev 2014-04-14 15:12 UTC

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SallyCMS Addon enabling the acceptance of simple payments through to the integration of extensive online shops.



Cart addresses (billing and shipping)

Cart addresses can either be created with an associative array containing the address data or with a system user model. While creating addresses with a system users model developers should setup the address mapping inside config.yml to ensures the users meta infos are mapped correctly.



// From an associative array

$data    = array('firstname' => 'John', 'lastname' => 'Smith');
$address = Payments::getAddress($data);

// From a system user model

$user    = \sly_Util_User::getCurrentUser();
$address = Payments::getAddress($user);