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SallyCMS is a flexible and fast PHP 5.3+ CMS, aimed at professional developers. It integrates well with Composer and a good balance between enterprise frameworks like Symfony2 (from which it thankfully adopts some ideas and concepts) and simpler systems like REDAXO (which is where Sally originally forked from in 2009).

SallyCMS can be used to develop small one-pagers, complex websites or webservices. The frontend (if any) is completely up to the developer, whereas the backend is standardized and can easily extended and customized.

The development is fast paced and aims to release roughly two "main" releases per year. Because the API and some concepts are not considered stable and can change heavily between "main" releases, we release major versions as 0.x minor releases (until we're sure we can support the API for a longer time, at which we will switch to the regular semantic versioning scheme). Bugfix releases occur roughly every month and do not change the API in incompatible ways (so it's safe and recommended to update projects frequently).

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SallyCMS requires PHP 5.3.3, together with MySQL 5.0+ and Apache 2.2+. It's compatible with PHP up to 5.5, MySQL 5.6 (including MariaDB 5.5) and Apache 2.4.

To install non-stable addOns or SallyCMS versions, you will also need Mercurial and Git installed on your system.

Installation / Usage

You can either use Composer to install SallyCMS (using the standard distribution) or download a prebuilt starterkit. But be aware that sooner or later you will need to use Composer (for example to install addOns or update SallyCMS), so we strongly recommended starting with the standard distribution.

  1. Install Composer.
  2. Download the standard or starterkit distribution. Extract it to your desired location, most likely somewhere in your webserver's document root.
  3. (Only if using the standard distribution) Install the dependencies using Composer: php composer.phar install
  4. Open the project in your browser: http://localhost/path/to/sallycms/ You will automatically be redirected to the setup application. Finish it to start using the backend.
  5. Install your required addOns by adding them to the composer.json.


SallyCMS is an open-source project and welcomes any kind of contribution. If you'd like to contribute, please read the Contributing Code section of the documentation. If you're contribution code, please follow the Coding Guidelines.


The main news channel for SallyCMS is its Google+ page, where new releases and development news are announced.

The forum is located at the old project hosting website and open to everyone with problems an suggestions. Please use the bug tracker if you have found something broken in SallyCMS.


SallyCMS is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.