Database Dump Utility for Zend Framework 2

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Database Dump Utility
for Zend Framework 2

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Utility used to dump a database into a SQL file, and to load that file into a database.


  • Dump an entire database into a SQL file
  • Load a SQL file into a database


Following steps are necessary to get this module working, considering a zf2-skeleton or very similar application:

  1. Add "minimum-stability": "dev" to your composer.json, because this module is under development

  2. Run php composer.phar require webino/webino-db-dump:dev-develop

  3. Add WebinoDbDump to the enabled modules list


For example, add this settings to your module config:

'di' => [
    'instance' => [
        'alias' => [
            'DefaultDbDump' => \WebinoDbDump\Db\Dump\Dump::class,
    'DefaultDbDump' => [
        'parameters' => [
            'adapter' => \Zend\Db\Adapter\Adapter::class,

NOTE: Change the DefaultAdapterDump and \Zend\Db\Adapter\Adapter::class as you wish.

Then, add this code to your controller action:

// We encourage to use Dependency Injection instead of Service Locator
$dbDump = $this->getServiceLocator()->get('DefaultDbDump');

// saves the sql code of the entire database to a file

// drops & creates tables/views, triggers and inserts the data

// or from string
$dbDump->read(new \WebinoDbDump\Db\Sql\SqlString('CREATE TABLE...'));

NOTE: If you don't know how to inject the WebinoDbDump into action controller, check out test/resources.

NOTE: Use stream wrappers, e.g. compress.zlib://example.dump.sql.gz, if you want compression.



  • Slightly redesigned
  • Added SqlString support


  • Initial release


  • Tests
  • Add support for more platforms (currently only Mysql)
  • Better exceptions
  • More options
  • Events dump
  • Upgrade Zend MVC


Please, if you are interested in this Zend Framework module report any issues and don't hesitate to contribute. We will appreciate any contributions on development of this module.

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