Timely inform customers and guest visitors when a product return in stock

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Back in Stock Notification Plugin

Plugin that add the possibility to receive an email notification when a product return in stock

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  • PHP ^8.0
  • Sylius ^1.11.2


  1. Run composer require webgriffe/sylius-back-in-stock-notification-plugin --no-scripts.

  2. Add the plugin to the config/bundles.php file:

Webgriffe\SyliusBackInStockNotificationPlugin\WebgriffeSyliusBackInStockNotificationPlugin::class => ['all' => true],
  1. Import the plugin routes by creating a file in config/routes/webgriffe_sylius_back_in_stock_notification_plugin.yaml with the follwing content:
  resource: "@WebgriffeSyliusBackInStockNotificationPlugin/config/routing.yaml"
  1. Import required packages config in your config/packages/webgriffe_sylius_back_in_stock_notification_plugin.yaml file:
   - { resource: "@WebgriffeSyliusBackInStockNotificationPlugin/config/packages.yaml" }
  1. Update the database schema and install assets:
bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate
bin/console assets:install
bin/console sylius:theme:assets:install
  1. Rebuild cache:
bin/console cache:clear
bin/console cache:warmup


This module sends mail using a Symfony Command. Unfortunately, the command line context does not know about your VirtualHost or domain name. To fix this, the Command loads the hostname from the Subscription's channel, if nothing set it defaults to localhost. In console commands, URLs use http by default. You can change this globally with these configuration parameters:

  1. Edit the config/services.yml file by adding the following content:
    router.request_context.scheme: https
  1. As said early this module provides a command that check the stock of the product. You have to set the command bin/console webgriffe:back-in-stock-notification:alert in the crontab, once a day is enough:
0 12 * * * <absolute-php-path> <absolute-path-to-sylius-dir>/bin/console webgriffe:back-in-stock-notification:alert

Optional Configuration

If you want to use our Behat defined steps you have to include our Behat class in your autoloader-dev. To achieve this adds the following line to your composer.json:

"autoload-dev": {
    "psr-4": {
      "Tests\\Webgriffe\\SyliusBackInStockNotificationPlugin\\": "vendor/webgriffe/sylius-back-in-stock-notification-plugin/tests/"


To contribute to this plugin clone this repository, create a branch for your feature or bugfix, do your changes and then make sure al tests are passing.

(cd tests/Application && yarn install)
(cd tests/Application && yarn build)
(cd tests/Application && APP_ENV=test bin/console assets:install public)

docker-compose up -d # only if you haven't mysql and mailhog installed locally 

(cd tests/Application && APP_ENV=test bin/console doctrine:database:create)
(cd tests/Application && APP_ENV=test bin/console doctrine:schema:create)

To be able to setup a plugin's database, remember to configure you database credentials in tests/Application/.env and tests/Application/.env.test.

Running plugin tests




vendor/bin/phpspec run

Behat (non-JS scenarios)

vendor/bin/behat --strict --tags="~@javascript"

Behat (JS scenarios)

  1. Install Symfony CLI command.

  2. Start Headless Chrome:

google-chrome-stable --enable-automation --disable-background-networking --no-default-browser-check --no-first-run --disable-popup-blocking --disable-default-apps --allow-insecure-localhost --disable-translate --disable-extensions --no-sandbox --enable-features=Metal --headless --remote-debugging-port=9222 --window-size=2880,1800 --proxy-server='direct://' --proxy-bypass-list='*'
  1. Install SSL certificates (only once needed) and run test application's webserver on
symfony server:ca:install
APP_ENV=test symfony server:start --port=8080 --dir=tests/Application/public --daemon
  1. Run Behat:
vendor/bin/behat --strict --tags="@javascript"

Static Analysis

vendor/bin/phpstan analyse -c phpstan.neon
Coding Standard
vendor/bin/ecs check

Opening Sylius with your plugin

  • Using test environment:
(cd tests/Application && APP_ENV=test bin/console sylius:fixtures:load)
APP_ENV=test symfony server:start --port=8080 --dir=tests/Application/public --daemon
  • Using dev environment:
(cd tests/Application && APP_ENV=dev bin/console sylius:fixtures:load)
APP_ENV=dev symfony server:start --dir=tests/Application/public --daemon


This plugin is under the MIT license. See the complete license in the LICENSE file.


Developed by Webgriffe®.