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Commands to help development workflow

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Make sure you have fswatch installed. You can install via homebrew:

brew install fswatch

Run the following commands:

composer global config repositories.workflow vcs git@github.com:wearejh/workflow
composer global require wearejh/workflow:dev-master


  • Make sure your composer global bin directory ~/.composer/vendor/bin is available in your $PATH environment variable.
  • Because packages installed globally with composer share dependencies, you may need to run composer global update if the previous command failed.


Before you create any new project, first update the tool, in-case of any fixes or new features.

composer global update wearejh/workflow

Then run workflow to see the list of available commands.

Read the wiki for detailed information on each command


If you are experiencing very slow speeds (i.e. it's hanging for minutes inbetween commands), it may be due to a slow DNS lookup to localunixsocket.local. See relevant GitHub issue A quick fix is to add the following to your hosts file. localunixsocket.local